Important note:

The host should provide all the requirements designated below with an asterisk (*)



1 Act / Total run: 1:30 hrs.



Audience profile

Adults & adolescents, 15 and over.



Language and Translation

The Grey Automobile gives bilingual performances in Spanish and in the language of the country in which it is being performed. Generally, the cast learns specific relevant phrases in the specific language and invites a local actor. At the moment, there are versions in Spanish, German, French, English, Japanese, Portuguese and Arab. For new versions, we require the minimum of a 3-day rehearsal.



Stage design*

  • Basically the space needed should be equipped with a screen for the movie to be projected.
  • Ideally, the screen should be located 2.5 meters upstage of the proscenium.
    The actors remain standing on the proscenium stage during the entire performance, on the right and left sides of the screen. The screen should be placed in such a way that the actors have plenty of space to fully appreciate the projected film for their interpretation.
  • The piano is generally placed in the centre, but below the stage (between the stage and the first row of seats), so that the pianist is seated below the screen and can see the projection. When there is no difference in height between the stage and the seats, the piano can be placed to the side of the screen.
  • The production fits into various staging arrangements: an empty stage or a black box theatre environment with a film screen; a movie theatre, an auditorium or any other space equipped with the listed requirements.
    In theatres, the screen should be blackened to the size of the projection by curtains and other means.


  • 5 Shure SM-58 microphones or equivalent
  • 4 boom pedestals
  • 1 desk pedestal
    1 graphic equalizer (1/3 octave)
  • PA system serving all the microphones (console, amplifier and speakers ad hoc)
  • 3 monitors (with separate mix)


Although the show can be adapted to available lighting equipment, the ideal suggestion would include the following :

  • 12 leekos 30° 1000w
  • 4 fresnels with flags
  • 2 cyclolights.
  • Light board with a minimum of 12 channels, 2 scenes and memory
  • Color filters for all the reflectors: LEE 201 or ROSCO 3202

Film projection*

  • 1 screen (minimum projection, 6 x 4 meters)
  • 1 high luminosity video projector (3500 lumens minimum)
  • 1 VCR monitor
  • 1 switcher


· 1 upright piano with its accompanying bench for the pianist (preferably black).
Under no circumstances can an electric piano be used.



Set up time*

  • 10 hours are required, provided the space in question complies with all the requirements described in this rider.
  • It will be requested, when possible, to set up one day in advance of the first performance.

Technical personnel required for set-up:

  • 1 experienced sound operator and 1 assistant
  • 1 lighting technician and 1 assistant
  • 2 stagehands
  • 1 projectionist
  • 1 piano tuner

Technical personnel required for performance:

  • 1 experienced sound operator
  • 1 lighting technician
  • 1 projectionist


  • 3 dressing rooms


  • Water, coffee, tea, honey and fruit. Glass water pitchers, glasses and coffee cups.


  • 3 black music stands (like an orchestra conductor¿s music stand)
  • 3 glasses


  • Laundry and ironing service for costumes

Transport and accommodation*
Required for 5 people:

  • 1 director
  • 1 producer
  • 2 actresses
  • 1 pianist

Rooming list:

5 single rooms



Names for booking air, train, bus tickets, hotels or official documents:

  • Claudio VALDÉS
  • Fabrina MELON
  • Irene IIDA NAITO (her artistic name -Akiko- is different from her official name Irene Iida Naito)
  • Ernesto GÓMEZ
  • Carlos LÓPEZ



  • Since the demanding performances require uninterrupted training, Claudio VALDÉS should be given access to a fully equipped gymnasium.

Equipment and Costumes:

  • 8 personal travel suitcases that also contain costumes (3 costumes, 1 wig and makeup)
  • 1 case containing: 1 VHS/NTSC video cassette, 4 lamps, 3 water-glass bases for the music stands.

Excess luggage

  • None of the luggage pieces exceeds the 30kgs allowed for international flights. However, in domestic or national flights some airlines only allow a single piece of luggage per passenger with a maximum weight of 20kgs. Therefore this is an issue that should be considered.