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El Gallo



Technical requirements


Current Tour with Teatro de Ciertos Habitante’s singers and two local string quartests.

*Note:  The host should provide all the requirements that are specified in the technical rider with the asterisk.


80 minutes (without intermission).


Audience Profile

Teenagers and adults.



Adaptable versions for several stages:


A. MIxed version.

- Act I: black box and audience on stage. Act II: italian stage.


B. Italian stage version.

- Red curtain

- Orquestra pit

- Audience seated in the usual theatre seats.


C.  Black box version.

- Audience seated in stands surrounding the actors on three sides.


Instrumental ensemble*

A. Local ensemble

2 string quartets, each one formed by:

2 violins

1 viola

1 cello

Note: 5 days of rehearsal should be considered with our musical director, before set up in a rehearsal room with good acoustic.


B. Company musicians

A rehearsal room with good acoustic must be considered, at the company arrival.



After the technical visit or after receiving the theatre lighting plot, we will design and adapt the lighting plot of the show to the theatre equipment.



Only if the house does not have the enough natural acoustic:

-  Stage monitors for actors.

-  Environment microphones.

-  Amplification system for the house.

Note: this decision will be made when the company arrives to the theatre.



- 1 tuned vertical piano with wheels and bench.



- 20 black music stands unperforated, with their respective lamps.

- 1 cleaning pot of 10 litters approx.

- 2 mobs.

- 24 black chairs (armless).

- 1 broom stick  of 1.60 mts long X ½  inch wide.

- 1 broom stick of 1.60 mts long X 1 inch wide.

- 4 black platforms of 1.22 m. width x 2.44 m. length and 20 cm height.

- 1 platform of 1 m. width x 1 m. length y 20 cm. height.


Note: The measurements are approximate and can be adaptable to the standard of each venue.


Personnel required for the set up*

- 4 lighting technicians

- 2 sound technicians

- 2 machinery and props technicians


Personnel required for rehearsals and performances*

- 2 lighting technicians

- 1 sound technician

- 6 machinery and props technicians

- 2 wardrobe persons


Important note: all the personnel required must have the time availability in order to follow with the planning and must be the same for rehearsals and performances.


Security signals for actors *

- Fluorescent tape for steps, halls and any other risk element for actors during rehearsals and performances.

- Black tape to assure electric and audio wires that might be on the floor.


Set up time with Italian stage*

First day:

a.   Set up the black box, platforms, music stands and piano.

b.   Lighting: set up equipment, focus and lighting script.

c.  On stage rehearsal with actors-singers and musicians.

d.  Sound (if necessary).

e.  Technical rehearsal.


 f.  General rehearsal.


Second day:

a.  Technical corrections (lighting, props, machinery and/or sound).

b.  Performance.


Note: For the black box version, one more day should consider for setting up the stairs.


Dressing rooms*

- 6 dressing rooms with chairs, mirrors, water, and services.


Dressers on stage*

- 2 racks with hangers

- 2 big tables

- 8 chairs

- Lighting


Maintenance per performance*

- Laundry, ironing and reparation.

- Drycleaners.

- Black shoe painting.

- Deodorant powder for shoes.



The orquestra director, Gamaliel Cano, is living in Guadalajara City. It will be required to consider a roundtrip flight Guadalajara-Mexico City, when necessary.



Water, coffee, tea, coca-cola, sandwiches, energy bars, cookies and fruits.


Complementary tickets*

Complementary tickets for the company’s guests are required (the amount should be previously discussed with each venue)