Everyone's skin so feared.The actors are there to offer you an act of reality, which not many human beings are capable of accomplishing. Skin is a free-fall theatrical exercise. The risks are huge, not as much to the audience as they are huge to the playwright, the director and the actors.A theatre group with not that many material but intelligent actors, capable of using their freedom of speech, in the way of a conversation, for texts that take us toward an exercise of opening and expanding hidden feelings and acumens. It is today's true theatre: efficient blows above theatrical dogmas. A truly hip theatre. A theatre worthy of any part of the world. Group theatre always dignifies, especially when the experiments come to a good end. Ximena Escalante, Miguel Ángel Gaspar, the actors and actresses precisely do this, giving us a level of quality to which we are not used to in our country. This work, so accomplished, so full, so dignifying of our theatrical task. That is what art truly is: the realization of a dream, the destruction of a prejudice.

Braulio Peralta
El Universal, México City, may 6 / 06

Sensuality, caresses and taboos.
Rarely do you see theatre groups that are so consistent, risky and successful. Certain Inhabitants' Theatre once again makes history with Skin a captivating theatrical essay. Far from being traditional, the scenic discourse has a series of plastic elements and of expressive searches that give a new dimension to routine and musings that are touching as well as poetic. The text, created through actors' improvisations, proposals and anxieties, results in a vital dissertation. The narrative flows in such a way that it transforms itself into a real live organism. The actors balance their individualities. They channel their energy, their inventive, their corporality, their concentration and improvisational abilities to create an incredible notion of enjoyment.

Silvia Ortega
Chilango, Mexico City, may 3 / 06

Total theatre: The best play.
It isn't only a text taken to the stage. It is also and obsessive and carefully planned work. The reunion of a team who, during several months, gave life to a proposal by Miguel Ángel Gaspar. Here, top-grade artists are working together: playwright Ximena Escalante, set designer Mónica Raya, and the company Certain Inhabitants' Theatre (directed by Claudio Valdés Kuri). It is impossible that a play that carries this title does not make reference to sex and nudity, but Skin is much more. It is an experiment that doesn't just stay in the simple contact of the actors, but in the skin's largest sensory exploration. This way, there are sounds, videos, textures, a minimal scenery, contact music and, above all, words. Skin is a play of sensations that explores our wishes, needs and desires of scratching, touching, hitting, of making violence, of stopping and of not stopping. A laboratory of extraordinary results in which theatre reaches not only other dimensions but also other sensations.

Javier Malpica
¿Dónde Ir?, Mexico City, may 3 / 06

The latest proposal of the group Certain Inhabitants' Theatre, commanded by Claudio Valdés Kuri, from whom we know already excellent works, is called Skin, in which the company continues with the experimentation that characterizes itself, never repeated, always exploring new ways, new forms of theatricality.Not every possibility of talking about the skin is exhausted, but I think that the idea is not to make an immense catalogue, rather than taking a pretext to show virtues and miseries of the characters. This is more than accomplished, sometimes in the way of a parody, brutally and ambiguously as well.

Olga Harmony
La Jornada, México City, apr 6 / 06

Skin, a play that erodes the dynamics of traditional theatre. Here, director and actors inquire the skin as a metaphor of sensuality, of pain and of communication in a live creative act.Skin is a game of opposites. Amid the tension of one who wants to be invaded, stimulated by his kin's proximity, and of another who sees with terror the sense of closeness, a game of realism-non-realism brews, of wills, fears and longings regarding the skin. Gestures and words said for one and, at the same time, formulated for everyone else; a game of objectivity and subjectivity around myths, truths and legends that humanity has constructed around the skin. This is the subject matter that the group Certain Inhabitants' Theatre, directed by Claudio Valdés Kuri, now submerges itself into, a group that has made its way through a creative path of constant quests and renovation of its themes and languages. For this adventure Kuri invited Vienna's Carpa Theater's Director Miguel Ángel Gaspar. The unique methodology in Gaspar's work refuses the traditional pathway of taking a finished text to build, with it as basis, a theatrical work. The director proposes the investigation of what is essential to the actors, to put on stage that which we don't see, that which passes unnoticed and which constructs a form of truth about our existence. Gaspar's and Certain Inhabitants' Theatre's wish is to make people question themselves. After more than twenty years dedicated to theatre, this singular director makes of his walk through art a road of risky, passionate and uncertain knowledge, and a free space of search of the "I", of the human being that is standing on the stage.

Luz Emilia Aguilar Zinser
DF, Mexico City