After thirty-eight years of having written his popular drama piece Life is a Dream Pedro Calderón de la Barca rewrite it as an auto sacramental shape. In this second version, Calderón synthesized in an erudite manner the theological history of the human being. Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes builds a redefinition of this universal forgotten masterpiece for the contemporary spectator, through a seductive and powerful symbolic code. A multidisciplinary stage based in alchemical principles, sacred geometry, ritual dances, baroque & traditional Mexican music, performed by 14 member actor/singer/dancer/musician male cast. Across an initiation journey, -as described by the Hermetic sagas-, the viewer faces his own evolutionary drama and his consciousness acquisition process. Life is a Dream has finished a sold out audiences-hailed by the critics season and currently is having national and international tours.




Life is a Dream, auto sacramental, was premiered on March 2014, as part of the artistic program of the 30 edition of México City Historic Center Festival. Then, ran a 50 sold out shows season at Teatro El Galeón in México City, which was hailed by the critics. After a success reposition season at Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris in México City, currently is having a national and international tour.




In his auto sacramental Life is a Dream, Calderon de la Barca synthesizes biblical theological history in a masterful way: the Creation of the Universe, the Fall of the Angel, the Creation of Man, the Expulsion from Paradise, redemption by forgiveness and installation of the Sacraments. Symbolically suggests an inner adventure in which Man is submitted to hard trials through an initiation journey where man faces his own Shadow. The play shows the obligatory transit of the aspirant who, in the search for self-knowledge, falls in to the experience, touching the boundaries, learning by his acts as well as by the consequences of his acts, towards, at the end, to access to a higher conscious level.




Life is a Dream

Auto sacramental

by Pedro Calderón de la Barca


Direction                                                      Claudio Valdés Kuri*

Music, composition & arrangements                Leopoldo Novoa

Musical direction & composition                      Edwin Calderón

Drama advisor                                              Maricarmen Gutiérrez

Lighting                                                       Matías Gorlero

Costumes                                                     Ximena Fernández

Art-video                                                      Su-Hyon Cho & Ting Zhang

Verse advisor                                                Luisa Huertas & Violeta Sarmiento

Assistant direction                                         Rodrigo Carrillo

Body exploration                                           Diego Piñón & Ruby Tagle

Choreography                                               Valeria Rojas & Rodrigo Vázquez

Geometric rhytmic advisor                              Mónica Ribeiro

Geometric rhytmic choreography                    Fabrina Melón & Gastón Yanes

Lighting assistant                                          Felix Arroyo

Production                                                    Sergio Écatl

General coordination                                      Fabrina Melón

Multimedia program                                       Josafat Aguilar Rodríguez

Public relations                                              Siddartha García

Social project coordination                              Laura Valdés Kuri

Production assistance                                     Laura Soto

Cover design                                                 Enrique Rosas & Sergio Écatl

Geometric visual design                                  Enrique Rosas

Video documentary                                        Daniel Gruener

Analytical documentary                                   Analola Santana

Photo documentary                                        Mara Sánchez- Renero



(Order of appearance)                                                   

                                                                    Josafat Aguilar Rodríguez

The Earth                                                      Rodrigo Vázquez Maya               

The Water                                                     Raúl Vallejo

The Fire                                                        Fernando Sakanassi

The Air                                                          Javier Rojas Trejo

The Power                                                     Guillermo García Proal

The Wisdom                                                   Alcibíades Zaldivar

The Love                                                        Edwin Calderón

The Shadow                                                    Fernando Huerta

The Prince                                                      Kaveh Parmas

The Light                                                        Marcos Escalante

The man                                                         Alberto Santiago

The Understanding                                          Gastón Yanes

The will                                                          Rodrigo Carrillo Tripp


Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes A.C. presents
In co-production with:

Coordinación Nacional de Teatro / Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes
Festival de México en el Centro Histórico
Sistema de Teatros de la Ciudad de México / Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de México
Festival Internacional de Teatro Héctor Azar / Gobierno del Estado de Puebla
CalArts Center for New Performance / California Institute of the Arts
National Performance Network
México en Escena FONCA CONACULTA
Fundación BBVA Bancomer

* Member of National System of Creators of Art FONCA CONACULTA
** Member of the Scenic Creators Program FONCA CONACULTA
*** Fellow of the Creation Incentive and Artistic Development Program of Jalisco

This project is made possible in part by a grant from the National Performance Network’s Performing Americas Program. Lead funding of the National Performance Network Performing Americas Program is provided by the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. For more information: