A Theatre/Opera mise-en-scène that undertakes an unprecedented artistic, social and cultural phenomenon: the history of the castrated, prodigies and monsters at the same time, children born in poverty who were propelled to the range of stars in the frivolous constellation of the great courts of Europe.

Through a dramatized conference presented by a two-headed Siamese, surgeon and opera columnist, the audience is taken to a three-century journey, transporting them from the succulent extremes of the Baroque to the beginnings of the technological 20th Century, where beauty has been annihilated by reason.

With a precise and wild gaze, ironic and reflexive, a group of virtuoso actors/musicians, monsters and prodigies at the same time, they infuse life to one of the most sublime mysteries in History: the incomparable voice of the castrati.

A production that has received numerous awards and made international tours that have granted it great renown.