It is striking that even though it is one of the most important texts of the Spanish language, the autosacramental version of Life is a Dream is very little known. This is most likely due to its complexity and philosophical depth, and possibly the popularity of the drama by the same name.


The few contemporary stage performances of this work are often not professionally produced or are presented in specific religious contexts.


It is particularly important to make known and publicize the autosacramental version of Life is a Dream for several reasons, among which are its breathtaking beauty and the intrinsic value the piece, as it is one of the most important works of world literature, yet remains primarily unknown.


This text by Calderon de la Barca stands as a unique work that dignifies the human being in his search to evolve and become spiritually aware. It contains messages of powerful symbolic and spiritual strength, which is of vital need for the contemporary theatre viewer.


The cast is comprised of actors from previous performances by TEATRODECIERTOSHABITANTES, as well as new members who were asked to participate after a long selection process consisting of auditions and workshops. Thus, performance experience is combined with novelty. We have assembled a group of fourteen male actor-musicians, who have worked for one year and three months in a intense artistic process of research and staging.


The crew is composed of specialists from several disciplines and from different geographical areas such as Mexico, Brazil, France and the United States. The prestigious California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) developed the scientific-technological design for the performance.