If we loose the fear of death, we loose the fear of everything.Nobody wants to talk about death…but if we don’t the fear of death, we loose the fear of anything, is what Tara Parra says in “Still…for ever”.Presents by the company Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes, recognized by its productions that questions the spectator, involves him and forces him to think about what is happening on stage during the representation, the piece is a mix between the scene of the funeral from the movie “Dream” of Akira Kurosawa and the thanatology ideas of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, who changed during the last years the occidental perception of death and what follows it.Theatre within theatre, game of Chinese boxes, fiction within fiction and reality turning into fiction are some of the proposals of the director Claudio Valdés Kuri, owner of the original idea.Clearly, the best monologue piece presents until now in the Festival Internacional de Teatro “Hector Azar”.

Moises Ramos
Diario Milenio, Puebla, 01/ dic / 12

…I never felt like a spectator, it was an experience written in my memory like those instants when everything is passing through an adorable transformation;…I had the feeling to attend an epiphany. During this performance, I got back to the death of the person who raised me. Each word coming out of Tara´s mouth was transformed into an internal dialogue with Rosa. The piece leaves outside the outstanding to center into the profound, into the reality of the scene, into the complexity of this woman submerged into death as each one of us, but already with reflection so she can name it, flirt with it, travel over the limits and limitations between both worlds.Each decision was an act of sensibility and offering. In those times when everything is structured to resist the market attacks, this work leaves the skin of the stage opened, the piece breathes, fragility become a reflexive and intense space.

Gabriela Halac
Fundadora de DocumentA/Escénicas

We have to give us the opportunity to get older and then to prove ourselves that we are still growing”…This is the premise of this extraordinary show.Here where the third age is nothing but a pretext and where life goes on still and for ever, we are touched by the opportunity to continue investigating and to give us the chance to verify that growing is only that, growth, and not any attitude that could stopped us to go on dreaming, leaving and above all loving.Claudio Valdés Kuri, who had surprised us previously with his extraordinary work, made it once again with this piece that specially touches central, private, melancholic parts of the audience.Talking about a theme so few attended, in our society, such as the third age, that have us entering into a series of reasoning. People are afraid of death, that will without doubt comes one day for everyone, so we don’t talk about it, we rather avoid it. In a show that experienced new theatricals forms, the audience is becoming an accomplice and act too, so everything is coming so naturally.Through this extraordinary actress Tara Parra, the universe is taking us by the hand, to laugh, suffer and above all to cry in front of the inevitable. Thank you Claudio, to make us vibrate once again, and to offer us the best part of you through this search of answers to everyday life.

Vicente Aristi
432 Magazine, 24 / nov / 12