“Still…for ever” tells the story of two lovers who had to separate during youth. He had to go, but he informed her he would always be by her side. Meanwhile, time has run its course and children are grown up. After a long time, arrives the day of their re-union, when they have to dance together.

“Still…for ever” collect part of – the few attended – wisdom of the old age, in which naturally themes like patience, pain, death, and above all, enjoyment and meaning of life are approached.

This project was created in collaboration with the dramaturge Conchi Leon and “young people of the old age” who have shared generously their life experiences.




By Conchi León*

From an original idea of Claudio Valdés Kuri



Claudio Valdés Kuri*




Tara Parra

Guillermo García Proal



Lighting Matías Gorlero 

Production Carlos López

Coordination Fabrina Melón

Communication Sergio Ecatl Menchaca

Direction assistant Oswaldo Ferrer



Production Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes AC

Muestra de Artes Escénicas de la Ciudad de México



Project support by the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes.

* Members of Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte FONCA-CONACULTA




We can start, hear and now, to find a meaning in life. With all our hearts we can take each moment as an opportunity for preparation and change, with clarity and serenity for death and eternity.

Sogyal Rimpoché



This piece is like an upturned sand timer, we need to be ready to listen to each and every tiny grain of sand, falling one after another, patiently listening to our story, on the one hand common to us all, and yet on the other hand extraordinary, but no less true. The only uncertainly is life itself, and curiously that too becomes sand, draining away, here and now. We too are grains of sand, never ceasing to fall and only at times are we able to listen to the smooth falling of others.


This is a couple’s story of reaching beyond their limits; who know how to dance to every rhythm, showing ugliness to no one. The only reality is the dance that unites all the characters and marks a beginning and an end. 


From the beginning of this project I began to believe in happy endings, perhaps with age I have become cornier, and perhaps Tara and her companion have sweetened my ears.

Conchi Leon